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Bat critter removal licensed BrentwoodTennesseans love wildlife. Most wild animals never come close to people or homes. Nashville residents enjoy viewing wildlife in parks and from afar. Many of our customers ask what makes an animal a “nuisance?  For most people, it is when the animal becomes invasive or destructive to a home or property. Some of the species most often cited as nuisances include skunks, opossum, raccoons, bats, wild birds destroying property, snakes, and most recently armadillos.

Nashville Wild Animal Trapping: Metro Animal Control

armadillo digging yard removal

Armadillos did for insects and grubs with their sharp claws.

The Molenator uses humane pro animal trapping methods to relocate wild animals to local farms and natural habitats, as permitted by Tennessee law. John Phillips offers animal control service that eliminates animals from your home that carry diseases, pose a danger to your family, and damage your property or garden..  Our customers often ask, can I just call the Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control to remove them? That is a great question, Unfortunately the Metro Animal Control department primarily works with dogs and cats.


Getting Rid of Armadillos

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of armadillo damage to yards from their digging activity. They are generally looking for grubs and insects and have the potential  to do quite a bit of damage with their claws and teeth.

department animal control nashville tn Tennessoppossum infestation get rid ofee Wildlife Resources Agency

Wild animals fall under the state of Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) . This is the state agency that issues hunting and fishing licences, and even captive wildlife and wildlife preserve permits. Their goal is to preserve and protect the wild animals and fish in the state of Tennessee for all to enjoy. TWRA issues permits that allow animal removal specialists to help landowners get rid of animals causing damage to the owner’s property. Nuisance animals include skunks, raccoons, opossum, foxes, and coyotes. If the owner traps a life animal, a permitted Animal Damage Control (ADC) professional should be called to relocate the animal and abide by the state’s guidelines. The Molenator is an ADC permit holder who will gladly help you with any nuisance animals on your property.

Snake repellent removal franklin tn

Snake invading Nashville laundry room.

How our wildlife trapping process works:

  • We remove the wild animal(s) in your home, attic, basement, chimney, or crawl space
  • We block the entry point(s) of these animals to prevent recurring problems and potential infestations.
  • We provide advice and tips to follow to keep unwanted animals away from your home and family.

Our removal pros serve south Davidson, west Davidson, and southwest Davidson county and all of north Williamson county.

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