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Raccoon Removal

Homeowners and Raccoons

Raccoon (Procyon lotor) and Skunk (Mephitis mphitis) Raid Trash - captive animals

Raccoons are very intelligent animals. They are smart enough to open latches and locks that are not secure. Although they may appear to be harmless, don’t be fooled. They are on your property because they are hungry. Raccoons in a protected habitat can be social creatures but hungry animals have the potential to cause great harm to your family and your pets.

Call us right away to handle raccoons, and any other animals that do not belong on your property.

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Our methods for removing raccoons are safe and humane. They will not be harmed and we will make your home safe by relocating them to a protected habitat where they will be cared for and properly contained. Raccoons can carry a type of rabies that spreads rapidly and infects in large numbers. Transmission to humans and other animals is often fatal.

The Tennessee Department of Health advises citizens not to touch raccoons and other wildlife and teach your children to leave them alone. Diseased animals often don’t display visible signs of illness. Please exercise caution with these animals and rely on trained experts to deal with them. Our service will handle them quickly, efficiently and with the utmost respect for you, your property and the animal.

Our wildlife removal method is a three step process:

  • First,we carefully trap & remove the animals, always taking care to be humane.
  • Second, we transport the raccoons or wild animals to a forested area or sanctuary.
  • Third, we instruct you and your family on the best ways to prevent raccoons or other wildlife from returning such as installing secure closures for your rubbish containers.
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