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How To Kill a Mole

Best Home Remedies and Other Tactics Used to Kill Moles

mole in nashville TNIn the years I have worked in this business, I never cease to be amazed at the variety of mole killing methods people try. I think I may have heard them all by now. I can tell you that these methods are absolutely not effective in getting rid of your mole problem

Best Way to Rid Your Yard of Moles

mole mounds belle meade tnWhat works is trapping and removing moles one by one. Hiring an expert trapper certainly makes it easier, as the professional has all the right tools and the expertise to remove the moles for good and return your lawn to normal. The Molenator will help remove garden and lawn moles in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.


Mole Killing Techniques from Farmers Almanacs and Folklore

Here are some of the ways clients have tried to kill moles before hiring us. The list keeps growing. Feel free to share some of your favorites.

Chewing Gum -Placing chewing gum in a mole hole has never been shown to kill a mole. They likely won’t consume it and if they do, they won’t die.

Insecticides-The thought behind this is that if you kill the mole’s source of food, he will die. You would have to kill the earthworms, rather than grubs for this to be effective.

Castor Oil – This has not been shown to kill moles, but you may hear reference to a college study. It simply does not work to get rid of your moles.

Corn in Roofing Tar  -Placing an ear of corn into tar and sharing it with a mole is an old ploy from the Farmer’s Almanac that is ineffective. Interestingly enough the farmers did get this part right: The Old Farmer’s Almanac actually states that trapping moles is the absolute best method of removal.
Electrocuting & Explosives – These are very dangerous tactics that should be avoided. Most likely the homeowner will get injured rather than the moles.

Garden Hose Approach – Drowning moles is a good idea in theory, but moles will likely not hang around to be drowned. They flee from water, just like we would!