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Mole Removal

How to get rid of moles in your yard

In my 17 years removing moles, I have heard of numerous techniques to get rid of moles.

Do It Yourself Solutions

Hardware Store Solutions

Your local hardware store may sell several different products to get rid of rodents and moles. None of these products work. First of all moles are not rodents and do not consume the same foods and possess the same behaviors. Basically, you waste both time and money using these products.how to exterminate moles 37212

Using Broken Glass and Pepper

You may hear that putting broken glass, pepper or other substances into the mole tunnels will kill or repel the moles in your lawn or garden. This means of eradication does not work. The mole can resolve this quickly by digging around the area and may actually cause further damage.

Profession Trapping

west nashville mole killingThe only way to get rid of moles that works effectively is trapping by an experienced professional who understands proper placement and follow up. There is definitely an art to removing moles successfully by setting traps properly. The Molenator is committed to removing moles and wild animals humanely.

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