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Garden Pests

Moles in the Garden

If you are taking a leisurely stroll across your impeccable lawn one fine morning, and suddenly you feel a soft place underfoot, chances are, you have a mole. Moles are the bane of many a gardener and homeowner. These pests can tunnel underground in about 10 seconds and dig their feeding tunnels at the rate of 4 inches per minute. They are virtually blind, and dig with their strong front claws. They gravitate toward the rich, loose soil of a garden or well-watered lawn, because of the ease of digging.

Types of Mole Tunnels

Moles dig two kinds of tunnels. The feeding tunnel is the one just under the surface of your lawn. But don’t think that just stomping on this tunnel will get rid of them. Once they have used a feeding tunnel, they will discard it and dig another one. They also dig a second type tunnel; it is a more permanent one that extends 2-3 feet underground, and the mole’s nest will be at least a foot under the surface.

How Moles Hurt Your Garden: The Facts

Some will tell you that moles are actually helpful to the gardener, because they love to eat insects. However, while eating those insects, these pests also

  • Expose plant roots to the surface and cause the plant to dry out
  • Create tripping hazards with their shallow feeding tunnels
  • Eat roots and bulbs if insects are scarce
  • Loan their feeding tunnels to their cousins, voles and mice, which do dine on precious roots and bulbs

How to Get Rid of Garden Moles

There are many gadgets and tools advertised to get rid of moles. These methods simply do not work. Poisons rarely get to the mole, yet are often eaten by other creatures, such as beloved pets. And vibration machines only get the mole to move a few feet away to start a new tunnel. To get a mole to abandon its deep living quarters will require professional help.

The Molenator is a native Tennessean who is known as the original mole removal expert. He has nearly 20 years experience and will gladly help you.

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