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Types of Animals & Wildlife in your Attic

If you hear noises or movement in the attic above, it could mean any one of a variety of critters have taken up residence. Of course, the main culprits are often the dreaded mice and rats, but a number of other animals find attics very attractive. What may be even worse is finding or smelling a dead animal in the walls or attic.

Nesting Squirrels in the Attic

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Squirrels will chew their way in and love to live in warm, dry attics. Sometimes you will even find flying squirrels, as the one trapped (see photo on this page). Often, the invading squirrel will be a mother in search of a good place to give birth and raise their young. The bad news is that once this mom has found a good place, she will return year after year to inflict more damage on your home. Summer litters typically arrive in August and then wreak havoc through September.

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Yard and Garden Moles in the Attic

Moles do not reside in attics, but they can make a mess of your lawn and gardens. The Molenator is an expert mole trapper and will remove moles quickly and humanely.

Pregnant Raccoons in your Attic?

animal removal services raccoonsRaccoons are nocturnal critters that also like to live in your attic and also want to give birth to young. Raccoons are sly creatures and can be very dangerous. Be sure that you don’t attempt to handle them yourself. They can also be very destructive, tearing, chewing and ripping their way into your home.

Could Bats be in your Attic?

Bats can also invade your attic. They are difficult and complex to remove, which is why it is vital that you call a professional. Home remedies do not work and that includes the ultrasonic devices. Colonies can grow very large over time. A bat that has found its way into the main part of your home could be an inexperienced flyer. This could be an indicator of a very serious infestation and should be dealt with immediately.

Opossum Living and Dying in the Attic

Opossum are very talented in entering your home due their advanced climbing abilities and opposable thumbs. Their excrement is massive and unpleasantly odorous. Also, when the opossums expire in your attic, the odor is horrific and difficult to remove.

Could a Snake enter & live in your Attic?

Last but not least, the other creature that could inhabit your attic is snake. Some varieties of snakes are climbers and can easily enter your attic or crawl space.

How to Get Rid of Critters in the Attic

Getting rid of these unwanted guests is easy. A professional should be sought, who is experienced in wild animal removal. In the Nashville area, call The Molenator to remove these animal infestations. You, your family and your home will be better for it.

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