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Controlling Moles

Mole Removal & Control Nashville TN

Trapping and removing moles is a difficult task. Eliminating all the moles in your yard presents a challenge, as their tunneling habits are elaborate. Moles can quickly colonize and expand to neighboring yards of residential properties if not handled properly. Because they require a solid underground network to survive, controlling them is more difficult the longer they are allowed to dig and form tunnels.

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Our most frequent animal removal request: Moles

dv1630012Moles are one of the common forms of animal wildlife that are nuisances to local home owners and golf courses. The Molenator is called upon daily to control these destructive animals in the Middle Tennessee area and is considered by many to be the best the area. Moles can be found living in at lawns and landscapes throughout Nashville, including Green Hills, Vanderbilt, Bellevue, Franklin, and Brentwood.


Most common moles in Nashville

The most common mole found in Davidson and Williamson counties is the Eastern Mole. You will likely not run into an Eastern Mole, as they stay underground. Many home owners do find moles in their swimming pools. They have short grayish-brown velvet-like fur with large front webbed feet, ideal for digging.

How do I know whether my lawn has moles?

This is a very common question for The Molenator. You will know you have a mole issue if you spot visible trenches and soil which has been dug in your lawn and garden.

Mole control and removal should be initiated as soon as the animal has been discovered living in your yard as moles will tunnel through lawns damaging root systems and making the ground uneven. Your hard work and time spent landscaping can be ruined quickly by a few moles.

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